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Employers are required to pay hourly employees and some salaried employees in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). However many employers require employees to work off-the-clock, fail to pay time and a half for overtime, or claim that they do not have to pay overtime because employees are non-exempt.

The most common violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) are:

  1. failure to pay overtime or violation of overtime laws.
  2. requiring people to work off the clock.

As an Alabama employment law attorney, I have extensive experience handing wage and hour violations related to overtime laws and working off the clock.

Violation of Overtime Laws

According to the FLSA, employers are required to pay employees premium pay for any hours worked over forty hours in a fixed and regularly recurring 168 hour period. Many employers skirt this law by promoting people into salaried positions, giving them a title such as assistant manager, and claiming they are exempt. While recent changes in overtime laws have made few people eligible for overtime, many employers are still illegally withholding overtime pay. I am committed to helping people who have been unfairly denied overtime pay.

Working Off-the-Clock

Many jobs require employees to perform specific duties before they can begin working or once they have completed their work activities. Any time you are performing any work related activity, you must be financially compensated by your employer. Some activities such as daily machinery maintenance, discussing production schedules, and discussing daily assignments are often not compensated and therefore qualify as working off-the-clock.

Retaliation for Wage and Hour Complaints

Employees can not be fired for making complaints about failure to pay overtime wages or working-off-the-clock. In addition to handling these claims, I also have significant experience handling claims related to retaliation, discrimination, and harassment.

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Adam M. Porter

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